On Manifesting: It’s Not That You Don’t Want It Enough. It’s That Your Habits Suck!

When it comes to manifesting… It’s not that you don’t want it enough. It’s that your habits suck.

Because remember: manifesting is CO-CREATING with the universe. Which means… You still have to do the work on the material plane!

One of the reasons why we don’t get the things we want is that we don’t have HABITS or ROUTINES that lead us down that path.

For example, if you want a flourishing business, you need to work on it every day. If you want a passionate relationship, you need habits that create sexual chemistry and rapport. If you want a fit body, you need habits to support you, like eating good food, sweating consistently, and pushing yourself outside your comfort zone.

Last night, I sat in bed journalling. I picked two areas of my life that I wanted to work on, and I asked myself the following questions…

💖 What do I want this area of my life to look like?

💖 What systems/routines are going to get me to these goals?

💖 What is blocking me?

💖 What beliefs need to be shifted and transformed?

We need vision so we know where we’re going, and then we need to reverse engineer it and ask ourselves, ‘What will this require of me? What changes to my daily habits do I need to make to get this thing I want?’ Some of the changes might be minute little tweaks! But some might require a lifestyle overhaul.

The place where it gets tricky is asking ourselves what beliefs need to be shifted. In other words, what STORIES are you telling yourself every day that cause you to have the habits that are getting you the results you have NOW?

For example, if you put more energy into your work than your relationship, why is that? Is it because you think men leave you but your work never will? Is it because you believe being in a relationship spells the end of your freedom? Is it because you fear intimacy and you use work to hold people at arm’s length?

PHEW! That’s some real talk. And that’s also where EFT/tapping comes in. Once we know what is driving our dysfunction, we can use tapping to FACE it, own it, even find the humor in it. And then we can reprogram ourselves. Choose new beliefs and new priorities. Create habits that will lead us to what we really want. And the game is officially changed.